Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller

Book cover, Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller 

Table of Contents

1.  The Big Picture

What is DSP? What Can It Do? DSP Versus Analog Electronics--Why Bother? DSP and Microcontrollers. Limitations of DSP. Why DSP Might Look Difficult.

2.  Analog Signals and Systems

Sources of Analog Signals. Describing Signals and Systems in Time and Frequency. Nonelephant Biology and Linear, Time-Invarient Systems.

3.  Analog Filters

Purpose of Filters. Examples. Ideal Versus Real Filters. Filter Specification. Analog Filter Implementation. Poles and Zeros. Filter Order.

4.  Discrete-Time Signals and Systems

Sources of Discrete-Time and Digital Signals. Describing Discrete-Time Signals and Systems. Quantizing--Continuous to Discrete Amplitude Values. Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion. Digital Filters, an Overview.

5. FIR Filters--Digital Filters Without Feedback

FIR Overview. Intuitive Convolution--How FIR Filters Work. Design Process Overview. Generating Coefficients. Lowpass-to-Highpass Conversion. Structures for FIR Filters.

6. IIR Filters--Digital Filters with Feedback

Design Process Overview. Direct Design Methods. Indirect Design Methods. Highpass, Bandpass, and Bandstop Conversions. IIR Filter Structures.

7. Microcontroller Implementation of Filters

Architecture Issues. Programming Issues. Finite Word-Length Effects. FIR Filter Implementation. IIR Filter Implementation.

8. Frequency Analysis

What Do You Want? The Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform. Using the DFT. Implementing the DFT. Implementation of the FFT on the 68HC16. The Inverse DFT/FFT. Time-Frequency Analysis. Miscellaneous Topics.

9. Correlation

Crosscorrelation. Autocorrelation. Pseudo-Noise (PN) Signals. Signal Averaging.

10. Changing Sampling Rates

Applications. Decimation. Interpolation. Rational Interpolation/Decimation.

11. Synthesizing Signals

Random Numbers. Functions.

12. Parting Words

Signals and Linear Systems. Math. Processing Multidimensional Signals. Processing Music. Processing Speech. Numerical Methods. Embedded Systems.

Appendix 1: Useful Mathematics

Appendix 2: Useful Electronics

Appendix 3: 68HC16 Sample FIR Program

Appendix 4: 68HC16 Sample IIR Program

Appendix 5: 68HC16 Sample Interpolation Program



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