Motorola M68HC16 Hardware and Software

Note regarding pricing:  Pricing is based on queries of the Motorola North American Pricing List, and may not be accurate or up to date.  Verify any pricing information with Motorola.  (See for the pricing guide.)

Hardware--Evaluation and Development

Motorola apparently no longer offers the inexpensive evaluation board mentioned in the book.  What they do currently offer is:

MEVB1632 Modular Evaluation Board (about $500).  See

Other development tools (including their $12,500+ development system) can be found at  For more information on development tools, you can contact Motorola Tech Assistance at 1-800-521-6274.  For pricing and availability, your best bet is to get in touch with your local Motorola sales office.

Other potential low-cost sources for 68hc16 boards (about which I know little)

Alternatives to the M68HC16

Consider using a DSP-specific processor--for example, the DSP56002.  Motorola offers a $149 kit (DSP56002EVM) including software.  You get a 40 MHz 24-bit DSP with high quality audio input.  See for details.  Folks who have read our book should be fairly comfortable with the architecture of most any DSP chip--you've seen how the architecture and instruction set of the M68HC16 allow efficient DSP operations; now imagine an architecture where these design issues take center stage!  Other manufacturers offer similar evaluation boards for their DSP chips, such as Analog Devices (about $90 for their EZ-Kit Lite for 16-bit fixed point, higher for floating point chips) and Texas Instruments (about $100 for their 16-bit fixed-point, higher for floating point versions).  These are excellent learning tools!

Development Software

The MCUasm tools are described at  The package for the M68HC16 seems to be about $400.  However, older versions of DOS-based MASM tools might be available on the Motorola FTP site; for example, at

Application Notes, Documentation

See for a listing of documentation available on-line, including application notes, user manuals, and documentation on development systems.  (Most files are in PDF format--you can download the Acrobat viewer for free from

Source Code Examples

See for entry to the Motorola FTP site, which includes code for the 68HC16.  (You might also look under masm_dos to see if older MASM software is available.)  Code for the 5-Band Frequency Analyzer and other examples can be found here.

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