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Red Cedar Electronics provides embedded hardware and software solutions in the rehabilitative engineering field.

New  "How do I learn DSP?"  A brief discussion of resources, including books, software, and hardware for folks who want to learn about--or just use--DSP.

Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller, by Dale Grover and Jack Deller (Prentice Hall, 1999).  Written for folks like programmers who want to know how to implement DSP, but who do not have a traditional electrical engineering background.  Most of the book is actually generic DSP, however we do show you how to implement DSP on actual hardware.  Minimal mathematics--some trigonometry, complex numbers, no calculus.  Description of book, resources & links, and errata.

The Votrax SC-01A.  A very interesting speech synthesizer from the early 1980's.  Data sheet and some other information.