The Cartoons

A DSP book without cartoons is like oatmeal without any raisins. So we feel pretty lucky to have found Jonathan Roth, cartoonist extraordinaire, who took over 2 years of electrical engineering classes just so he could draw us the 20 cartoons in this book. (Well, actually we just wrote out what each person would say--and believe us, it's pretty hard to find something funny to say about the discrete Fourier transform--and Jonathan had to take our word for it that this was about the most incredibly funny thing anyone could say about elliptic filters.)
The front cover in more detail

And just who are these folks?

The Guru

Former sitar tuner turned DSP lecturer, his classes on "The Meaning of Life" make an excellent follow-up to "The Meaning of IIR Filters."

The Woman

Seems a bit too well-adjusted to be an engineer.  But she is.  And has only 6 weeks to implement DSP in her company's newest microcontroller-based product.  Meetings will take up at least half of that!

The Man

Perhaps the only student in his high school to have twice started a fire in chemistry, he is never without a 0.5mm drafting pencil and 0.2" square-ruled engineering paper.  A bit of a mathephobe (is that a word?), he nonetheless plunges head first into digital signal processing.  He is from the midwest.

Also appearing:  several squirrels, a number of birds, some guy named Jack (appears to have had a run-in with a dangerous tree, and is fighting off a killer squirrel) and another guy Dale (hopes someone can identify the snake that bit him back a few hours ago).  (Page 459!)