DSP Resources

Where can you go for more information on DSP and other topics in this book?
(You might also check out http://www.redcedar.com/learndsp.htm)


A website with many of the participants from comp.dsp (see below).  To quote:
    As a center for DSP information exachange, dspGuru has several specific goals:


Jobs, books, access to the newsgroup comp.dsp, some discussion boards, lists of resources.

Internet Newsgroups

comp.dsp -- Devoted to DSP topics.  The associated FAQ, http://www.bdti.com/faq, has pointers to many DSP resources on the internet.
sci.electronics.design -- Electronic design issues.
comp.speech -- Includes discussion on discrete-time processing of audio and speech.
comp.arch.embedded -- Embedded systems issues.
sci.engr.biomed -- Biomedical, including biomedical signal processing resources.

Books with websites

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill -- If you design electronics or are interested, seriously consider this book.  It is not the only electronics book you need, but most folks consider it a core resource.  www.artofelectronics.com.
Numerical Recipes in C : The Art of Scientific Computing; William H. Press, et al -- Now you can download chapters online, free!  See www.nr.com. (Also available in FORTRAN?)

Magazines (just a sampling)

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Circuit Cellar Ink.  See www.circellar.com
RIP:  Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News (PE&IN).  Included source code listings (including digital filter design software).  (Ceased publication in early 1999.  That's really too bad--most every issue had some real interesting topics.)  Worth it if you find old copies.


Octave -- Octave is a GPL (i.e., freely distributable) mathematics software package for numeric processing.  It has many of the features of MATLAB, and is fairly compatible with MATLAB programs.  It has a number of enhancements, such as optional zero-based indexing.  See the main website at www.octave.org.  Graphics are supported via GNUPlot.  It runs on Windows and various flavors of Unix, including in Mac OS X.  Definitely worth considering, and a valuable resource.
-- One of the most popular mathematics software packages for DSP and other (non-symbolic) mathematics.  See their website at www.mathworks.com.  Students--consider investing in the Student Version of MATLAB, an excellent learning tool with a DSP-oriented toolbox included.

Also check out dspGuru (above) for more mathematics software packages, some of which are free.
There are many free filter design programs out on the net--do a search on "FIR," "Parks," "Remez," and so on.  (Of course, if you read Chapter 5, you'll know who Parks and Remez are.)

Motorola--The 68HC16 and others

See  www.redcedar.com/hc16.htm for links to information on hardware and software from Motorola and others.

Vladimir A. Kotelnikov

So, you thought we were making this guy up?  Jack came across this article.  (Sorry, no date.)